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RadASO is a pioneer in mobile marketing. We combined our expertise in all tools, so we can promote mobile apps in any market.
Radomir Novkovich
Founder & ASO Specialist
Our Services
App Store Optimization
Apple Search Ads
App Store Optimization
We can improve your app's search ranking in the on Apple App Store and Google Play.

With a variety of approaches and Google and Apple app store algorithms, we can exactly pinpoint what metadata changes need to be made to increase your visibility, organic traffic, and installs.
Apple Search Ads
With this tool, we can get your ads to the top of App Store search results.

Apple Search Ads can help users discover your app in search results and is an essential source of valuable data.

To achieve maximum results, we create two ad campaigns for each country: Discovery and Exact.
We can translate your entire app into different languages.

It is essential to consider the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the promotion region.
90% of the leading apps are localized in different languages as users prefer apps that are adapted to their native languages.

High-quality localization will help improve the visibility of your app and increase the number of installs worldwide.
About Us

We are 100% sure of the result

We are the only ones who offer a results-based pricing model
Always up-to-date
Our bots, managers, and services analyze data for you every day, week, and month
Full support
We can tailor the strategy to meet the objectives of your business and create a comprehensive action plan
Our own base of native speakers
All texts are localized by native speakers, considering the local characteristics of the countries
Control of your ad budget
The system will automatically disable ads once the application reaches the top
Only if you make a profit
We only take on a project if we are sure that you will make more money than you spend
Our Clients
Case Studies
What Our Clients Say
We are happy to cooperate with the RadASO team. They provided us with their own ASO tool which is an extremely useful technology. It simplifies and automates keyword research and analysis and helps monitor the quality of ASO and our competitors' strategy.
Andrew Yaroshenko
We specialize in mobile app development, and we always contact RadASO before launching a new product. The specialists manage your project from the very start, they are always involved in the development process and help you achieve the desired results. We are very pleased with the cooperation. They sure know their stuff.
Nastia Karlova
Two years ago, I had to give up the operational management of the app and put it into the hands of RadASO specialists. Over that period, they regularly released updates, identified new growth opportunities, added new locales, and launched over 1000 Search Ads campaigns in total. As a result, it has led to a noticeable increase in revenue. RadASO has become our partner who really cares about the product. You can be sure it will only get better.
Eugene Plokhoj
We’ve been working with Netpeak RadASO for about a year. Before that, we’d tried several other companies, but none of them was even close to RadASO in terms of competence. I believe the numbers will speak for themselves: Run Guys — 3 million organic installs per month (1000 pages on Google Play with the search words used to find our game); Prey Day Survival is in a very competitive niche, and it has 200,000 installs per month at the same time; our new project, Mergescapes, is in an even more competitive niche — 60,000 installs per month on iOS alone, and they are mainly from the USA and Great Britain.
What Our Clients Say
Meet Our Team
Founder & ASO Specialist
Team Lead
Team Lead
Anastasiya Golubitskaya
ASO Specialist
ASO Specialist
Aleksandra Zhyzhko
ASO Specialist
Localization Manager
Ekaterina Bukharova
Project Manager
ASO Specialist
ASO Specialist
ASO Specialist
ASO Specialist
ASO Specialist
Project Manager
Sharing Expertise


What countries can you optimize my app for?

At a fixed price, we can optimize an app for any country available in App Store and major countries on Google Play. With a subscription fee, it's possible to elaborate on all the locales needed within several months.

We've already had some bad experience with ASO. Do you have any guarantees?
Yes, there's Performance ASO where you only pay if there is an increased number of app installs at a price that is 100% beneficial to you.
How can you prove the increase in organic installs is the result of optimization, not marketing?
With the help of our tool, we can separate organic installs from Search Ads or even incentive installs. So you will always know where your users come from.
How can you guarantee no fake app installs?
Incentive installs are easy to detect both by behavior and by the number of conversions from impressions. But, first of all, it's unprofitable for us.
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