Are There Any «free» Stop Words for Other Languages?

Answer: No, there aren’t.
The keywords aren’t indexed without an exact match.


As we know from the previous research, the App Store in English uses «free» linking words by default. You don’t need to add them to the keyword field; the App Store accounts for them when indexing for complex queries. We decided to check this rule for another language — Spanish.

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We changed the name of one of our apps from "Textos En Fotos" to "Agregar Textos a Fotos". The two keywords remained the same, "Textos" and "Fotos", but not the prepositions that link them.
Technically, if the locale in Spanish had "free" linking words, the indexing for "Textos En Fotos" wouldn’t change.


After the app update, the whole search term stopped being indexed due to no exact match.This proves the need to use the exact match keyword with no changes.
Since the app ranking can change dramatically when you remove the linking words, you always need to add them to a keyword field.

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ASO experience from RadASO founder Radomir Novkovich