Super Symbols: Do Chinese Full Stops «。», Interpoints «・», and Exclamation Marks «!» Work for App Store?

Answer: Yes.
Such symbols as «。» and «!» stick the words together, whereas «・» separates them.


‍We continue investigating the super symbols, and in this article, we’re going to test the full stop, the interpoint, and the exclamation mark.

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Last time, we reviewed the performance of «,», «(», «)», «:» and «+» as separators.

Remember, the super symbols are special symbols of Chinese or Japanese punctuation that look like ordinary punctuation marks but have additional spaces around them. It looks like they have spaces on both sides, but actually, they are considered as one symbol instead of 2-3 punctuation marks.


This time, we’re testing the super full stop — «。», the super interpoint — «・», and the super exclamation mark — «!».
We’re going to replace the punctuation marks with super symbols and track the app ranking.


The full stop «。» and the exclamation mark «!» stick the words together.
In other words, both these and almost all the super symbols from our previous research do not work for any locale except for Japanese. Apple does not treat them as separators.

The previous research findings indicated that a super dash sticks the words in the same way.

To test the super interpoint «・», we replaced the super exclamation mark with the super interpoint and the words got indexed again (see the screenshot). This implies that «・» can be used for any locale.

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